Structural and functional analysis of a putative substrate access tunnel in the cytosolic domain of human anion exchanger 1
  • Chain breaks within knot 31 (displayed as a gray area on the plot and as '-' on the sequence). The broken part of the chain has been replaced by a straight segment, which may affect what knot types are detected - be careful with interpreting results.
Slipknot S -31
Knot core rangeKnot core lengthKnot tails rangeSlipknot tails rangeSlipknot loops rangeN-end lengthC-end lengthType
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-31 39-177 139 1-33, 220-294 34-38, 178-219 33 75 slipknot
Chain Sequence
sequence length 294
structure length 276
publication title A Substrate Access Tunnel in the Cytosolic Domain is not an Essential Feature of the SLC4 Family of Bicarbonate Transporters
doi rcsb
molecule tags Membrane protein
molecule keywords Band 3 anion transport protein
source organism Homo sapiens
missing residues 125-127, 147-161
ec nomenclature
pdb deposition date2013-05-28
KnotProt deposition date2014-07-31

pfam database annotations

chain Pfam Accession CodePfam Family IdentifierPfam Description
A PF07565 Band_3_cytoBand 3 cytoplasmic domain
Image from the rcsb pdb (www.rcsb.org)
similar chains in the KnotProt database (40% sequence similarity)
similar chains in the pdb database (40% sequence similarity)

#similar chains in the KnotProt database (40% sequence similarity)
 4KY9 A; 
#similar chains in the pdb database (40% sequence similarity)
 4KY9 P; 

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