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#pdbid|chain|deposition date|is S/K-not|(slip)knot types;
  6gb2|Bw|2018-09-14|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  3tb3|A|2018-09-14|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  5wtu|A|2018-06-12|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  3mt5|A|2018-06-12|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  3mlg|A|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  2wdt|A|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  3a7s|A|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  4jkj|A|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  4v1a|a|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  4v1a|w|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  3rii|A|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  5oom|s|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  2etl|A|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  3j7y|s|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  5zd5|D|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;
  3kw5|A|2018-06-11|K|3.1- 2.1-;

Knotoid types pdb Title
K 3.1m, 2.1m 6gb2Bw Unique features of mammalian mitochondrial translation initiation revealed by cryo-em. this file contains the 39s ribosomal subunit.
K 3.1m, 2.1m
3tb3A Crystal structure of the uch domain of uch-l5 with 6 residues deleted
K 3.1m, 2.1m
5wtuA Crystal structure of dnde g21/24k mutant involved in dna phosphorothioation
K 3.1m, 2.1m
3mt5A Crystal structure of the human bk gating apparatus
K 3.1m, 2.1m
3mlgA 2ouf-2x, a designed knotted protein
K 3.1m, 2.1m
2wdtA Crystal structure of plasmodium falciparum uchl3 in complex with the suicide inhibitor ubvme
K 3.1m, 2.1m
3a7sA Catalytic domain of uch37
K 3.1m, 2.1m 4jkjA Crystal structure of the s18y variant of ubiquitin carboxy-terminal hydrolase l1
K 3.1m, 2.1m 4v1aa Structure of the large subunit of the mammalian mitoribosome, part 2 of 2
K 3.1m, 2.1m 4v1aw Structure of the large subunit of the mammalian mitoribosome, part 2 of 2
K 3.1m, 2.1m
3riiA Crystal structure of the catalytic domain of uchl5, a proteasome-associated human deubiquitinating enzyme, reveals an unproductive form of the enzyme
K 3.1m, 2.1m
5ooms Structure of a native assembly intermediate of the human mitochondrial ribosome with unfolded interfacial rrna
K 3.1m, 2.1m 2etlA Crystal structure of ubiquitin carboxy-terminal hydrolase l1 (uch-l1)
K 3.1m, 2.1m
3j7ys Structure of the large ribosomal subunit from human mitochondria
K 3.1m, 2.1m 5zd5D Sf3b spliceosomal complex bound to e7107
K 3.1m, 2.1m 3kw5A Crystal structure of ubiquitin carboxy terminal hydrolase l1 bound to ubiquitin vinylmethylester

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